Wednesday’s Assignment

A Vang in her garden east of Des Moines

This week’s pass/fail assignment is to submit two photographs.  In one photo you should use a shallow depth of field to separate the subject from the background as in the above portrait.

Ice fishing on New Year's Day near Kaliningrad, Russia.

The second photo should use a deep depth of field so that the foreground and background are both in focus. This can be difficult because all of the elements that are in focus need to be important content for the image.

Bring the photos to class and we will practice the workflow to submit them in the class dropbox.

Welcome to JlMC 310

nick poolWelcome to Fundamentals of Photojournalism. This semester we will concentrate on using our cameras to make compelling images while reporting on the world around us.

This site will be the place to visit when you want to check deadlines (see Calendar page) or download copies of assignments and other handouts. I will also post links to related material and events that will be useful over the next few months.